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Pricing to Propel Your Career (for students)

Our team understands the importance of making lower cost options available for students or those studying to improve job prospects.

Thanks to some generous contributions from foundations, technology companies, sponsors, and networking advocacy groups, a limited number of students can purchase AlphaPrep courseware at discounted rates (student pricing) of up to more than 70% off while available.

Learn more about sponsoring future network engineers here (serious inquiries only).

Note that student pricing is only available for select exams. More complicated exam material brings a higher cost to educators and supports preparation material from sources such as Kevin Wallace and Pearson Education. We are honored to be a part of a large community that brings industry content to thousands of students daily.

Are you a student ready to take the first step with your free trial from AlphaPrep?

Register here using your student email address or click on your exam below. Non-students can register here.

If you’re a professor or professional who’s interested in bringing a whole classroom of students, contact and we’ll make arrangements.

Joe Franzen, Owner

Select Exam to View Pricing Table

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