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Preparing for the CCNA Test: Free Practice Questions

Are you ready to pass the CCNA exam? Cisco certification can be difficult, and whether you’re studying for CCNA or CCENT, AlphaPrep has the best practice questions available today, because our machine learning app guides you every step of the way. Our expert instructors are industry all-stars who know network certification like the back of their hand. We monitor your progress and help you adjust and take the steps you need to pass. Our competitors don’t do this. Try some of our CCNA questions today by taking a free test right now, or start our free trial. If you're looking for more than just CCNA practice questions from a company that cares about making sure you pass your exam the first time then Alphaprep is a perfect match. We offer much more than our competitors. Consider our complete course with official cisco learning material including books and video lectures.

The AlphaPrep Advantage: Best CCNA Test Prep VS. Competitors

The market is flooded with companies offering to help you pass your exam with their question banks. When it comes down to it 99.99% of companies are offering you a CCNA practice test that was developed decades ago. Their technologies are just as old which means they don't have machine learning and can't tell when you are ready to pass. The vast majority don't offer live support either, but AlphaPrep does. Our questions are updated constantly and are curated from CISCO press authors. You can rest assured you are getting the most relevant CCNA questions on the market. Learn below why AlphaPrep has more to offer than other companies:

Boson CCNA questions are another option for students. Boson has been around for some time and their software, in many cases, requires a client-side install. This can be a hindrance for tablet or smartphone users.

Here is our side by side comparison for your consideration:

Alphaprep CCNA
Thousands of questions

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Official cisco questions
Boson CCNA
370 questions

No video solutions

No live coaching

No machine learning

Pass guarantee

Test timer

No discussion forums

Third-party questions

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